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"Let The Singing Singers" was premiered on 9.21.13 as a part of our #TwitterCommision. All the pieces that were comissioned for the event were in some way inspired by Twitter. For more information on this piece or Paul Ayres, please visit the event page. The score can be purchased here.

"Rye Whiskey" has become a bit of a signature song for w&ea., being featured as a drinking sing-a-long at many of our events. This traditional American drinking song has been performed by everyone from Pete Seeger to the Punch Brothers. Sprout 8 was one of our earliest performances. It was a great event and we were awarded a $1,200 micro-event which helped to produce our first Song & Drink event.

"#Red" was premiered on 9.21.13 as a part of our #TwitterCommission. The text was taken directly from a tweet and given life by composer Ryan Townsend Strand.

"Ae Fond Kiss" is one of the most well known texts by Robert Burns. The simple beauty of the melody is apparent in this simple setting. Soloist Ginger Ellingson has sung a number of events with w&ea.  Click here for more information about our Burns Supper.

Our first public performances was a collaboration with two other Seattle artists. Composer Nat Evans contributed his piece "Hungry Ghosts" as a part of "Rockwood" - a structural and participatory  arts event created by Zack Bent. 

For more videos click the Vimeo or YouTube links below.

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